Project Treatment

As I have revamped my project idea, I have had to write a whole new treatment.

Title – The Power of Editing

Synopsis of my project – The aim behind my project is too create two short films that will be focused around two different story lines. These story lines will aim to create two different emotions within an audience however around themes and ideas that would not be considered as emotional. My main aim is to focus on what kind of impact editing has and how different kinds of editing can create different kinds of emotion within an audience. So even though the story line and footage is important I will be focusing mostly on the editing of my videos and how effective it can be.

The two storylines I want to create short video stories around are:

  1. Horror

The idea behind my horror piece of video is to have my main protagonist being chased and taunted by their biggest fear…their dissertation deadline.By using an antagonist that wouldn’t be considered scary I will be able to analyse how much of an impact video elements such a lighting, sound / music and camera shots have on my audience. For example, does the use of darker lighting create a more scary scenario than a fully lit room?

2. Sadness

Unlike generic sad films that focus on sad situations to create an emotional story, e.g. cancer, child abuse and homelessness, I will be attempting to create an emotional piece of video that focuses on a completely irrelevant situation that isn’t considered sad. This situation is going to be something as simple as my protagonist dropping their food or dropping a glass of milk, linking to the phrase “crying over spilled milk”. In this piece of video I want to focus on how music and camera shots effect the emotional status of my audience. I will not allow them to see what has caused the sadness until the very end when it becomes clear that my protagonist is upset at something so trivial.

Duration of production – My project will take six weeks to come together, not including research. Three weeks will be dedicated to my Fear video and three weeks will be dedicated to my Sadness video. This means that I will have 1 and a half weeks to source and film footage and 1 and a half weeks to edit the footage, a plan that will apply to both of my videos.

Key Personnel – For each of my two pieces of video I will be using different characters.

For my short film that will be focused around creating fear within my audience. I want to use a young female adult who fits the generic horror film cliche of ‘damsel in distress’. This character is crucial as I am wanting to create fear within my audience and by using a character who could be considered as vulnerable it opens my audience up to more emotional manipulation that will create a variety of emotions.

For my short film that will be focused around sadness I am planning on using a male protagonist. The reason I am deciding to use a male protagonist is because I believe that I will be pushed harder to create an sad piece of video. This is because the stereotypical view of men is that they are not meant to cry, “boys don’t cry”, so by using a male I will be having to work harder with editing and camera shots and the choices I make will be much more crucial to the story line. This will offer a challenge to me which will hopefully pay off in the end.

Locations – For both of my videos I will be using simple locations that can be personalised to fit the character/ story descriptions.

For my scary piece of video I will be using several different rooms within my own house (see location shots here).  I am using a house as it leaves room for the most manipulation of emotions. Your own house is a location where you are meant to feel safe, so by placing my protagonist in her own home it kicks into the audiences fear and makes them feel uncomfortable as a home is somewhere where you are meant to feel safe, not somewhere you are terrorised.  An article by Film Maker Magazine (see article here and my analysis of it here ) states that “we get a kind of high” from experiencing “terror in a safe place” which is what fuels the adrenaline and fear within people.

For my sad piece of video I will be using a variety of locations that people may visit on an everyday basis, e.g. their own bedroom, a field as they walk to work, a bus stop. These locations will be used because I want this story to feel as realistic as possible so that my audience can relate to the story which will build more emotion within them.

Equipment –  the equipment I will be using is a simple JVC100 HD Camera with microphone and a standard tripod. I believe this camera is the most diverse to use and will allow me to carry out my ideas without too much fussing as I will be working with limited time due to my protagonists having other commitments. A tripod is a necessity to stop the camera from being shaky which will lead to unusable footage; however, in my scary video I will be free holding the camera at times to give an uneasy and confusing atmosphere which will play with the audiences emotions.