Test Footage

As before, I wanted to try and capture some test footage so I knew that the camera I was using was appropriate for what I wanted to do and also to make sure that the environment / locations I picked were beneficial to my film.

Here are a few un- edited shots that I took to establish a connection between me and my actress. This test footage also gave me an idea of how the actress worked and get her used to being in front of the camera, which in the long run is beneficial as it means she will be more natural and realistic when it comes to shooting the final piece. I also practiced capturing shots that I could use to fill in spaces of the film that will determine the mood of the short film, for example by capturing the shot of rain it connotes the idea of misery and audiences are more prone to feel negative emotions when viewing it.  The same occurs the other way round, so for example when I am shooting video of colourful flowers and sunny weather it makes the audience feel positive and more upbeat.

I asked my project partner for feedback on this test footage. Here is what she had to say:

“I love how clear you have managed to capture everything in. The lighting is super good so makes everything  much better definition ! I especially liked the rain and flower shots as they are stark contrast which reflects what you are trying to do in your own movie. The only thing I suggest is getting more of a variety of shots, don’t be scared to incorporate more close ups and tracking shots as I think they could really work well!”