Exhibiting My Final Pieces

An important part to this project is exhibiting my work and gathering crucial feedback from an audience.

I decided to hold several screenings of my short films, using a variety of demographics which ranged from teenagers, students and the older generation.

In each screening I had half the audience watch both short films with full sound and the other half watch the films without any sound. This was so I could analyse how much of an impact editing has on the audience. After both audience’s had viewed their specific screening I had them answer several questions so I could gain an understanding of how effected they were by the films.

The questions I asked were:

  1. Did you understand the plot?
  2. Did you feel connected to the main protagonist?
  3. What emotions did you feel when watching the film?

I gained some critical feedback from these questions. For example, the group who watched the films without any sound said that the film was “boring” and they ” couldn’t understand what was happening”. They also said they felt no emotion and couldn’t connect with any characters. On the other hand, the group that watched the films with sound expressed they were “scared”, “sad” and “on the edge”. They also said that they felt as if they were “in the protagonist’s shoes” and that they easily understood the plot.



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