The Impossible – researching emotional scenes

As part of my research, I have been looking into different movie scenes that are considered very emotional.

One of the scenes that is discussed regularly online is the reunion scene from The Impossible, a film that is based around the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami and focuses on the experience of Maria Belon and her family who all survived the catastrophe.

 In this end scene it focuses on the family being reunited again after searching for one another. I have watched the scene several times and each time I have watched it I have written down the different factors that made me feel emotional.

Here are the reasons:

  1. I found that the music was the key factor that had the biggest impact on me. The music in this scene is very dramatic , slowly building up to a climax as the brothers rush to meet one another. The music , as well as being emotional, created a tense atmosphere as well. Throughout the whole film you are waiting for the family to be reunited and as I was waiting for the music  to grow faster and louder, I felt myself becoming more tense as I was waiting for another disaster to keep them seperated.

      2. Even though this film is set around a Tsunami which many audiences would not be able to relate too, the fact that it is based around the struggles of a family is something that  audiences will be able to relate too. The loss of family is something that many people are fearful of, so putting  the audience in a situation where they are confronted with a family losing one another really plays to their emotions and puts them on the edge.

      3. The cinematography in this scene is very effective in creating emotion. The film uses a variety of shots ; however, I found that the most emotional shots were the close ups. This is because the camera really captures the emotion on the actors faces, meaning that we can really relate to the characters and feel the same emotions that they are.


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