Sourcing Music + Sound Effects

The same way I did for my horror / fear movie, I have spent time researching into music and sound effects that are going to have the biggest impact on my audience and in my film.

Here are some of the music / sound effects that I have managed to find that I believe will work for my film.

This music is perfect for the beginning of my film. At the beginning everything is perfect, sunny and happy… all three emotions and feelings that are portrayed throughout this music. This instrumental uses higher notes and a quicker tempo to help give the emotions of happiness. I particularly like the bird tweets that are placed in various places throughout the instrumental as it gives it a natural feel and also the illusion of being outside, which is where the beginning of my film starts.

When my protagonist drops her food I want to edit the shot into slow motion, with this sound accompanying it. The reason for this is I believe slow motion can really highlight a problematic situation and by adding the slow motion sound effect as well it will increase the dramatic feel and pull the audience into the story further.

This piece of music is what I am hoping to use for the sad / emotional part of my video. I think this music will work well as it’s very slow and sticks to lower chords which give a depressing and upsetting feeling. It is also a well known pop song that includes emotional lyrics, so by using the instrumental of this song the audience will instantly relate it to the version they know which will increase the chances of them feeling emotional.

I asked my project partner for feedback. Here is what she had to say :

“I love the slow music one, it instantly made me feel sad as I know the original version with the sad lyrics so I instantly put two and two together. The happy music is perfect as well, made me think of a sunny day and made me all happy and giddy. I think the slow motion sound effect will work well as long as it is used appropriately, it could be quite difficult to incorporate but would be really effective if managed!”


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