Actor Dilemma’s + Re-thinking Characters

When it comes to producing a media project, there is always the threat that you will not be able to rely on actors/ actresses/ production assistants. This is exactly what has happened with my own project.

Before I started filming and was in the first stages of production I was adamant that I wanted to use a male actor for my sadness video. This was for several reasons:

  • I would be pushing myself harder as men are seen as being strong and good with their emotions so it would have been a bigger struggle to edit in a way which denies the audience stereotypes  and actually shows the male as an emotional, sad actor.
  • On the other hand, because we are not used to seeing a man be emotional , it could work in my favour as the audience could be moved by it more and become more upset due to witnessing something out of the norm.

However, unfortunately the male actor I was supposed to be using has not been able to commit to my project because of his own work commitments/ deadlines so it has forced me to re-think the path that I want to go with my characters.

The most important thing for this project is that I am able to rely on my actor, so I have chosen an option which is convenient for me and definite to commit to my project.

I have chosen a female actress who is not a university student or someone who works full time , meaning they have a lot more free time to help with my filming schedule. This actress has also had acting lessons so is used to being in front of the camera which will give  a more natural feel for my movie.

After re-evaluating my character, I realised there were benefits of having a female protagonist. One of them is that she is much more expressive than my original actor and so gets the emotion across on the screen a hundred times better. Also, female protagonists are often thought of as more vulnerable so by using her I am opening the audience up to more situations that could happen, for example I could use my actress to have a meltdown and it wouldn’t be questioned about whether it was considered realistic or not.

I have shot some test footage which can be seen here, in which I have experimented with the new actress and practiced shooting her to see how she reacts with the camera.


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