Project Revamp

After receiving the presentation feedback from fellow peers and analysing the most effective route for my project, I have decided to slightly tweak my ideas.

Initially I wanted to create three adverts that will emotionally connect with audiences in a variety of ways; however, after hearing that a better route for me would be to create just three short pieces of video rather than adverts, I have decided to create three short films that will focus on different story lines.

I believe that by creating two short films,  I will be able too experiment with different video elements in a more in depth manner as I won’t be restricted to sticking to an ‘advertisement’ style.

My previous research into advertisements is still relevant as they still use the same video elements as short films do; however I will now be researching into short films as well to gain an understanding of how they are structured and formed.

This will need me to create a new treatment which can be seen in the next blog post.


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