Presentation Feedback

On Wednesday 24th February we had to present our ideas in a seminar to give an idea of where we are with our projects.

I was able to gain valuable feedback from the questions asked after the presentation and comments and ideas given to me.

Some of the useful comments/ feedback I received were:

  • That I should perhaps create two/ three pieces of video that focused around three short stories rather than try and create two/three adverts. The thought behind this is that I will be able to experiment more and also gain more audience participation which could come in handy when thinking about how I will distribute and present my final project.
  • Stick to obvious storylines, don’t try and complicate them too much as they are a small part of the project. My main focus should be on how I am editing my videos rather than the actual story.
  • Think about how I am going to display my work and how people will view my work. Think how I can incorporate the audience to gather my results of the different emotions they feel after each video.


Feedback from Intensive Production (Bower Ashton and Frenchay).

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