Seminar Feedback , 30th Jan 2016

In our last seminar we were invited to discuss our initial ideas between our project partners and the rest of the group.

I gained some valuable insight into what people thought of my idea and how they believe I could experiment more with my idea to create a more daring and individual project.

Some of the feedback I received was :

  • Don’t stick to the “depressing” normality of other charity adverts. Think about how I can create emotion in other ways, for example imagine creating emotion  within audiences but not using an emotional scenario e.g. somebody dropping an ice cream on the floor. How could I use video elements to create a non emotional scenario into an advert that could create large amounts of emotion within an audience?
  • Focus on theory as this is what will give me a better understanding of how emotion is created through video.
  • See where others have gone wrong. Look at articles and papers on what is not working for advertisements and video and change those ideas with my own work.

I found this advice very motivational and it has set me on a path to develop my ideas further to make them  more individual and unique yet with a strong and emotional purpose.

Project Partners : Tara Rance and Johanna Iserloh


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