“Emotive Charity Advertising – has the public had enough?”

To create a successful project, secondary research is vital to discovering how previous ideas and projects have been adapted and viewed by the society around me. At this point I have an initial idea about the kind of video project that I want to create, with the idea of creating a modern and unique charity campaign advert that creates emotion within an audience being at the front of my brain.

In an article written by The Guardian (see here), they have explored whether “emotive charity advertising” has become an annoyance to the public and whether they have “had enough” of the emotional productions. They question whether “charity shock tactics” actually work and explore the reasons why “charities should abandon shock advertising” all together.

This article appealed to me as it immediately made me question myself about what I could do to create something ‘outside of the norm’ and how was I going to create a project that didn’t succumb  to the methods that The Guardian writers had begin to judge?

The article states that we “have had decades of emotional advertising” and that “perhaps it is time for something different” which instantly inspired me to be the person that is able to create emotion through a different form and be the change  that audiences are asking for.

The writer of the article claims that those “adverts are from charities who are doing incredible work” but questions whether they are the “most effective” way to grab audience attention. A quote from the article that had me thinking the most, was a quote by Linda Raftree (co-founder of Regarding Humanity) who stated that charity campaigns need to “modernise and mature a little in terms of how it represents the people is supporting and supposedly helping”. This was interesting to me as Raftree talks about charity campaigns having to “modernise” their attempts which is one of the main aims that I have set out to achieve with my project. I want to create a modern yet emotional advert that sets out to explore advertising production in a unique and quirky way.

Reference : Aimee Meade. (2014). Emotive Charity Advertising – has the public had enough?. Available: http://www.theguardian.com/voluntary-sector-network/2014/sep/29/poverty-porn-charity-adverts-emotional-fundraising. Last accessed 2nd Feb 2016.

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