Term 2 – Creating Ideas + Inspiration

For my second term of Intensive Production I have decided to focus on video and the emotional impact that it can have on audiences. I want to explore the way that different aspects of video can change the emotional status of an individual. The different aspects I will be exploring are:

  • camera shots
  • sound
  • lighting
  • costume
  • setting

The inspiration for this idea originated from a Save The Children advert that had been shared on Facebook. The advert had received 52 million views through Youtube and Facebook; however it was my own reaction to the advert and the comments that people had posted about their reactions that started me thinking about the how video can affect someone emotionally and mentally.

Among the comments I read, people were stating that they were “reduced to tears” and that it “gave them another outlook on life” and I began to analyse how people could become so emotionally connected to a person that they had never met before just from watching a 90 second video campaign.  I started to write down different aspects of the video that brought emotion within myself (which will be explained in greater detail in my next post) and quickly realised that it was elements such as close up camera shots, diegetic sounds and shocking imagery that brought the  most emotion.